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Listen to Your Critics

by Daniel Nagy @danielnagydotme
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I shared a blog post on an internet forum and received a mix of positive and negative feedback. At first, this made me feel bad. But then I realized that even though some of the feedback was negative, it was still useful feedback.

Based on their feedback, I made a lot of changes to improve the readability of my blog posts. I changed the font. I increased the line height of the text. I added more spacing between the edge of the screen and the text on mobile. I dimmed the color of the text to make it less bright. I added bold headings to help break up the text. All of these little changes significantly increased the readability of the text and improved the quality of my existing content.

Sharing your content can be really vulnerable; you never know how people are going to react. However, sometimes negative feedback can be better than no feedback. A lot of people probably felt the same way as these critics but did not take the time to respond to my post. If you're a critic, just remember that there is a person on the other end. If you receive criticism, try not to let it get you down. If you listen to your critics, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, you will turn them into fans.

Written by Daniel Nagy

Daniel is a software engineer and full-stack web developer. He studied computer science at Ohio University and has been doing web development and hybrid mobile app development since 2014.

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